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Once upon a time I owned a 1980 Maserati Merak with a 3.0 liter sized V-6 engine. I also purchased an empty block, heads, valve covers and front block cover with the intent of making a Maserati glass topped coffee table using the e-book “How To Build Your Own Engine Coffee Table” available through Google Play. I eventually sold the Merak but kept the engine block which is from an early 70's Citroen SM, another rare care.

My wife and I recently changed houses and I don’t have a man cave to make proper use of a Maserati Engine coffee table. It’s time for the engine to find a new home and someone that can enjoy this piece of Maserati history. Now that Maserati is back to V-6’s for most Maserati automobiles, this V-6 is more relevant than ever.

The block weighs around 65 pounds. The heads are about 20 pounds each so the total weight assembled will be about 100 pounds. I don’t have metric bolts to fasten the parts back together and this should available be from a general supply house if the block is used for display purposes. I have no knowledge if the block, heads, or other parts are fit for use as is or with restoration but I believe it will make an exciting coffee table.

I believe I paid about $1,200 for the engine in 2013. I’ll be happy to see it go to a good home for $500 plus whatever the cost of shipping will be. If you're interested I can get a quote for you. Payment via PayPal unless you pickup in person (Chicago area) which will also knock $50 off the price.

PM me if interested. Thanks!

The e-book is fascinating and inexpensive. Here is a link to it:


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