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Check out numerous previous postings on this topic.

I can tell you that I have a 2002 CC with 31,000 miles on it (yes this one gets used daily!). I also suffered a failure of the cc box (I assume the hydraulic pump failed on yours as well!).
From what I hear the clutch can last as long as 30,000 miles if you can avoid too much stop/start driving.

The read-out can be totally misleading since it only tells you how much "travel" is in the clutch. This can be set back to zero by the dealer running an adjustment program! So if it has been taken in with say 60% travel and has been reset to say 0% travel then you may be looking at a VERY worn clutch even although the new readout is 40%.

However - your dealer service history will reveal any "resets" - and at 4,500 miles you shold have plenty of wear left (unless the previous owner thrashed the car!)

Insist the dealer tells you how much WEAR is on the clutch taking into account any resets or adjustments done - and not just the current computer read-out.
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