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The is absolutely no reason to change out a flywheel on a 400 hp car with less than 60,000 miles on it. Yes, it is a Maserati, but in essence, it is still just a car the uses a flywheel to engage a clutch just like every other car on the road.

I agree you should change out the throw bearing, because truely it cannot be that expensive of a part and is subject to some wear-and-tear. But unless you have allowed your clutch to deteriorate so badly that the metal-on-metal physically damages the flywheel surface, this is money that can be saved.

I have a 700hp ralley car with 25,000 miles on it that is subject to WAY more abuse than my coupe's flywheel and it screened flat with only a .01mm difference from new. It takes alot to damage a flywheel.

Disclaimer: If you ever had an oil leak or a situation where the dealer did not adequately tighten an oil plug or filter, than yes, you may consider a flywheel resufacing. The oil embeds itself into the pores of the metal and causes the clutch to slip and recatch at certain points. This continued choke point can cause your flywheel to warp.
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