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On a trip away down country with my 2005 duoselect .
Had travelled over 200 km without missing a beat that morning.
Decided to top up with fuel in a country town called Te Kuiti
Pulled in the bowser and undid fuel cap jumped out and realise the bowser was out of order
Jumped back in the move car to next lane.
Car started and then thre malfunction error re transmission....strange
Waited a moment and then tried to start turned over but no start.
Waited a minute turned over and started fine so moved to next lane.
Now I was wondering if it would start again.
Filed up and started all fine drove off wen to Ed the hill and malfunction error limp mode reduced to 2nd fear
Stopped disconnect battery and wait...start and drive back over the hill to local garage.
Car stalls just as I drive into the service area and won’t start.
Very helpful technician plugs in snap on analyser and picks up clutch position sensor fault.
Clears the fault and we wait a few minutes with bat dis connected
Car starts and runs fine around the block...everything back to fault.
Drive back to garage...just driving into yard and car stalls and won’t start with same error msg.
CR now on Truck back to home me in rental carrying on with my trip.
So cars done 70,000 kms...don’t think it’s had a clutch.
I am careful with the clutch uptakes.
Me thinks time for new clutch....and or could I just replace the sensor.
I caught a few comments about access via removed started motor to enable swap out of sensor.
I have looked at the photos...seems to be pretty fiddle if at all possible.
Has anyone done this successfully?
I d be keen to know.
Overall I might need to replace clutch etc anyway .
I have replaced the engine mounts recently and done the rocker cover gaskets so not adverse to getting under the car for more fun.
Also have a contact who is a mobile Ferrari Maserati technician with correct software interface to set clutch up.

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Some useful information from the Maserati Advanced electronics manual about clutch wear

The kiss point is reached at between 1020 - 1040 RPM. The clutch “closes” and there fore full torque transmission is attained at 1800 RPM. When driving at below 1800 RPM and especially when travelling uphill, the temperature of the clutch disc tends to rise due to the clutch not being fully closed causing clutch slip. This results in disc wear and drastically reduces the lifespan of the clutch.

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My goodness, is the DuoSelect EVER a complicated system. That Maserati Academy link is very, very interesting and complete.

Good luck with your issue. I think the clutch position sensor is a real joy to get at without full disassembly.

If you do a clutch replacement the normal drill practiced in North America is to replace the clutch position sensor, the spigot (or pilot) bearing, the throwout bearing... and to have a very competent machinist turn the flywheel on a lathe. Also, it is suggested you do NOT stray from the standard Valeo supplied OEM clutch. Re the throwout bearing, Hill Engineering is considered superior to the OEM one.

Though it seems like overkill, it's such a PITA to get in there to replace individual components... the time to do it is on clutch renewal. The clutch position sensor, is... as I understand it -- not that reliable a component.

Cheers and good luck.
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