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Clutch is nearly dead

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My clutch is nearly dead, the gearbox slip in 1st and sometimes in upper gears at 3-4000 rpm. The mechanic tested the car with his special computer box and see some indicators about clutch worn-out.
I must return to the mechanic next week to change the clutch, it seems the warranty cover this change. My car is 60'000 km ! The mechanic say with the previous software some car changed it after 20'000 km.

I have now the Tubi on my car. The sound is great, very deep and very loud at low RPM, less loud a high RPM with a lot of rumbling when you release the gas. I will make a record when I will have more time...
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Glad to hear your clutch is still being covered under warranty! I thought the European warranties were less forgiving than the 4-year 50,000 mile that they offer in the US. Seemed to me that I heard the non-US warranty was 24 months/40,000 kilometers - glad for you that's not right!

I set up an appointment for the dealer to work on our 2002 Spyder. He said that in addition to updating the software, he would probably need to replace the clutch. Something about 2-tang clutches being replaced by a 3-tang version at Maserati's expense.

I'm also pricing out the Tubi installation -- based on Scott and your report, that sounds like a mandatory modification. :)

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