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ok, its a bit of a pain in the ass, but, to bleed it, you need to take off the airfilter box, at back of engine, undo straps remove rear of box and filter and then pull off intake plastic pipe.
now the fun bit :)

you need if i get it right a 10\12 mm spanner and a friend, your slave is on top of the right hand side of the gearbox\clutch bellhousing, if you feel down there you will find it as it will have 2bolts to the housing and the cylinder which will be pushing against the clutch fork ( easy way to locate it) the simply, locate bleed nipple on the top of slave, the ask ur friend to sit in car, and slowly press clutch, u undo nipple and let fluid leak( bit hint! unscrew brake fluid cap and keep topping up with sd 3 dot fluid!!) then once foot on floor, tighten nipple, allow peddal to come up then repeat process a couple of times to release air:D this should now be a happy clutch! good luck, n big hint which no soddin ass told me. if replacing clutch or gearbox, replace flexi pipe between master n slave cylinder!!! as it will breakdown with time and it lets fluid out but not in and will burn your clutch n flywheel etc n also replace clutch fork £15 from maser
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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