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Clutch Adjustment

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When I took delivery of my 05 QP I found the clutch engagement a bit rough particularly in when launch slowly from a stop. The other annoyance was a slow downshift into first; causing hesitation and then an abrupt engagement.

The dealer reset the clutch specs for what he called "more aggressive" engagement - but warned the clutch would wear more quickly. This was a significant improvement in clutch operation and I forgot all about the issue and the adjustment process.

Last month, at about 30K miles I had the clutch replaced. It wasn't slipping yet and the flywheel was fine; but it was time and was making some noise. I got it back; no noise but the slower downshift to first (maybe to all gears not just as noticable in other gears) and the rough low speed launches had returned. I called the dealer and they said that the with the clutch replacment the specs were returned to the factory settings. I set an appointment to get the clutch reset for the more aggressive profile.

Don't know if this adjustment is for everybody but for me it seems to make for a much better clutch operation. I always drive in manual/sport.

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Clutch settings

Hi Ken, could you explain exactly what they mean and did by adjusting it back to the more aggressive settings.. am curious and would like to improve the change speed but driving in sport all the time in town jars the suspension.. thanks, R.
Hey Rich,
The adjustment was to make it more aggressive. Which also made operation smoother.
i was asking the service manager whether there is a new software setting for the "Sport GT". they have no info on that yet.
once they find out, i will probably see if it can be loaded to my QP.
I was recently at a Maserati driving day in BEdford UK, at the Millbrook Proving ground. This is a collection of different environments and tracks through which most manufacturers put their cars whilst testing them.

It was a fantastic day and we had the opportunity to drive the new Gransports and the new Quatroporte Sport Gt as well as the standard..

I can assure you that there is brand new software for the Sport GT. It changes gear 35% more quickly and extremely smoothly.. I warn you though there was talk of new hardware being used too.. additional pressure sensors on the clutch assembly as well as the movement sensors.. So not sure whether they'll be able to apply the same software to a standard car..

I was really impressed with both the standard and the Sport QP - beautiful motors!
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Rich, I was supposed to be at Millbrook on Wednesday but work got in the way! Glad you enjoyed it, I look forward to getting to the next one... Did you find the GS gerachange much different to your own coupe?
Great to see you had a good day. Maserati have invited me to join them at Millbrook later in April. Cant wait!!
Millbrooks trackday

Rich, Tex and surfnirvana, where did you get your invitations for the trackdays? Which dealer are you using? Maranello, who I bought my QP from, hasn't invite me! :mad:

- Toffe
My dealer is Dick Lovett Ferrari Maserati in Swindon. Last year they took me to the Maserati gathering and lunch at Goodwood and now Millbrook in a couple of weeks. I'd give Maranello a call and tell them you are interested in this stuff!
Hi, there.. yes it seems that the gearchange was more positive and faster in the standard setting..

I understand that the software changes were supported by hardware changes including a pressure sensor to add to the motion sensors already there...
Toffe said:
Rich, Tex and surfnirvana, where did you get your invitations for the trackdays? Which dealer are you using? Maranello, who I bought my QP from, hasn't invite me! :mad:

- Toffe
I was asked by both Meridien Maserati in Lyndhurst whom I had been discussing buying a car with .. and HR Owen in London (Brompton Road) whom I did buy a car off..

The trick is to get friendly and talk to them in detail about the cars handling - I had discussed trading into the Gransportnext year.. etc.. :)
Trackdays and dealers

Rich - I got invited by HR Owen earlier in the year, but couldn't go. This was at the time I hadn't bought yet and they were still trying to be nice. Unfortunately, I finally bought from Maranello and due to their total incompetence ended up not on best terms and haven't gotten any invitations. It would be great if Maserati would arrange and invite owners, not dealerships. My issues with Maranello included;
1. Promise to deliver within a week (it took two weeks)
2. Promise to deliver to me in town (insisting that I collect from them)
3. Promised to sell for £X (I ended up paying for little extras like roadtax, NavTrac activation)
4. Battery was flat when I picked the car up and had to be jump started.
5. Didn't have the PIN for the console, only got it the next day
6. Forgot to give the NavTrac card (they still haven't found it)
7. Failed to give a clean HPI check result
8. Kept flogging me some valleting service for £500 (!)
9. Knew nothing about the QP or Maserati
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well I have to say, they forgot to tell me about Navtrak and costs.. and the Supagard Treatment I wouldn't recommend, the valet turned out to be crap, ended up hoovering it myself and using my own leather cleaner which in the wipe of a cloth improved the steering wheel and door panels.. :mad:

Also the scratches in the front were not polished out.. did a better job myself.:mad:

So I am afraid there are few that really impress, especially when you are a perfectionist like me. But they went some way to redeeming themselves with the invite to the Millbrook day.

It's in for some fettling at the moment and we'll see what the end result is like.. if they can solve the little niggles then I will be happy.. :)
Shame to hear of your poor dealership experiences. Dick Lovett in Swindon have been superb for me. Nice people, always delivered and nothing is too much trouble.
Its also a shame as I think the dealership experience is an important part of owning these cars. I'd call their MD and explain why you think they should pull their socks up. They can only improve if the management hear constructive feedback.
Agreed, and I am all for giving feedback. The trouble was that the branch manager at St Albans wasn't interested. They shifted a QP that had been stuck on their books for a couple of months and that was enough. Latest is that they stopped returning calls. I have been asking for the NavTrak card for a week now (my insurance is probably not valid, as NavTrak hasn't been activated).

Can't wait until I have a real issue that needs to be fixed under warranty... hopefully the service department is better than the dealership.

- Toffe

Surfnirvana, I am using Dick Lovett in Cardiif and I have to say I do not think you could actually get better service. Even allowing for my current clutch issues which they have so far dealt with quickly, efficiently and without murmour.

When I took the car in for its service the staff actually apologised for the BMW loan car being parked the wrong way round and that when I brought the car back for the clutch change would I like to borrow the new QP for the week!!!!!
Steerpike - good to hear DL are as good in Cardiff as they are in Swindon.
Toffe - They should give you two cards for the Navtrak. It might be worth threatening them with either rejecting the car or with court to get it resolved. It might also be worth calling Navtrak to see how straightforward getting new cards is. Good luck!
NavTrak cards

It is actually possible to get replacments cards for NavTrak. I am not sure if they can deactivate the lost once though. Rejecting the car is a bit extream, as well as going to the courts, before the cars has been stolen and the insurance refused to pay-out due NavTrak not being active.
It's a shame how much the ownership experience can be impacted by dealers attitudes. I bought through Graypaul in Nottingham and found their sales team very helpful. The Navtrak cards were present and I found the supagaurd treatment excellent both inside and out. However, not entriely convinced by their aftersales service (apart from the driving day invite!). So far I can't think of any returned phone calls and they seem incapable of fixing alarm and on my last visit i wasted an hour when their diagnostic computer would not talk to my car! Still I look forward to be proved wrong!
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