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Check out the Maserati Lease Deals in the Journal

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Just finished reading the Maserati Lease Advertisment in the Wall Street Journal pg D5.

Basically you can get a Coupe GT for $900.00 / month 48 months with $10,000 down and 10,000 miles per year. OR
A GS for $1,300 / month 48 months with $11,149 down and 10 miles per year.

Plus service and clutch costs... Wow.... If you put 40,000 miles on these cars you may have to go for TWO clutches and then turn your car back in or buy it out for $36,000 and change......

Does anyone think this is a deal? Doesn't it make a little more sense to buy one of these cars with say under 2,000 miles. The depreciation is just a killer.

An 05 CC with under 1,000 miles just went for $70,000 on ebay. I saw a GS for $89,000 The total cost to rent an 06 GT is 53,200 with a $36,000 buy out price.....

What does everyone think? I guess this is geared more towards situations where the lease can be used as a write off? Corporate America?

More great publicity for Maserati. Did anyone happen to see the guy that won the GS on CNBC in the stock trading contest. He already owns two Ferraris.... Must be nice...

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The down $ seems steep but the monthlies are not out of line with vehicles in the price range.

What does something like an MB CLS-AMG lease for? Or even an ordinary BMW 7 series?

Again I may be out of touch with the lease market but I can see folks happily going for those deals.
Actually just for kicks I went to the BMW site and looked at the lease for a base 750... 48 months with 10k down = $1,118!

Note that this is a base 72k car with zero options, so those advertised lease rates seem like bargains now.
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