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Charging System & Battery

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I looked through the archives and couldn't find a definitive answer to what I am looking for so here it is. I am looking at buying a coupe CC and it will probably only be driven once a week for maybe 50-100 miles. How is the charging system and battery longevity of the Maser? I have had cars in the past that did fine with this and others that did not (those that did not I kept a trickle charger on). Any insight appreciated.
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Never had a problem with mine.......... until a week ago. I was off skiing for a week and when I returned, the battery was flat. I jumped it from my wifes car and all has been well since. It was also v cold while I was away (-10 C) which I think had a part to play. My suggestion would be to buy a battery conditioner and leave it connected while you are not using the car. They are pretty cheap and I guess the cable would shut in the boot lid quite easily.
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