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Charging System & Battery

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I looked through the archives and couldn't find a definitive answer to what I am looking for so here it is. I am looking at buying a coupe CC and it will probably only be driven once a week for maybe 50-100 miles. How is the charging system and battery longevity of the Maser? I have had cars in the past that did fine with this and others that did not (those that did not I kept a trickle charger on). Any insight appreciated.
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Don't know about a "definitive answer"; I've had my GS for not quite a year yet and in that time there have been a number of weeks where the car has either sat in the garage completely unused or with one 40mile trip tops.

No issues with the battery at all. When it starts the volts read fine too so no reason to suspect a lingering problem.

Hope that helps.
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