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Is the color of the center console selectable as an option? Have seen some photos where it looks black, but have only seen the grigio color in person. Also, any photos of the grigio scuro interior anywhere? Thanks

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first, what i know is 2002 model came with a black, 2003 model came with a dark gray, 2004 model is same as 2003, but since 2004 has an optional aluminum package, you can have a choice.
I'm not sure about you can get an aluminum package without the vintage package.
if you need a picture, let me know.

The Vintage package has various levels of personalization. The first one, focused on external elements, provides for:

-Chromed front grill

-Front Maserati Trident with hand-painted red accents

-Chromed side fender vents

-Chromed door handles

-Wheels with special “Ball polished” treatment enhancing the mechanical
characteristics while donating a brilliant effect

-Silver colored brake calipers

To make the personalization of the exterior of the Spyder complete, with the Vintage package it is possible to add chromed rearview mirrors and chromed roll bars.

The personalization kit can be further enriched by internal elements, available as individual options:

-Aluminum racing pedals complete with vintage-style Maserati trident

-Central consolle, door trims and paddle shift levers finished in aluminum

-Gauge cluster finished in traditional 1950s Maserati
racing light blue with style digits

The Vintage personalization package will be available to customers starting from October.
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