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CD stuck --Suggestions

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I can't seem to get a CD out of the player. I hit the EJECT button and it clicks, the Display reads, "searching for CD" and then quits, saying "NO CD". however the CD is in there. I tried to access the unit by removing the top lid on the arm rest, just found a sealed CD Drive.

Any suggestions?

I hate listening to RADIO
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CD stuck as well

Funny I have the same problem, on a 2003, 4200 coupe
Re: CD stuck as well

rickQ said:
Funny I have the same problem, on a 2003, 4200 coupe

Welcome to the forum.

I called the dealer service dept, he suggested (it didn't work for me) to disconnect the battery (located in the trunk), to reset the system....

I still am w/o CD, I am very close to my 18.5k service so I will have to wait it out a bit longer
what about the CD changer in the boot

The armrest CD, is stuck, it can play but can not eject, Lucky there is a CD changer in the boot, so I can still have a selection, anyway sent the car in for a service so hopefully they will sort it out, should still be under warranty.
Same Probem

I took it to the dealer and the use another cd to press in on the cd in the 5 disc changer. Push in with at cd softly and pull it back. The CD in the changer will come out.

No idea what causes the problem.
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