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I have a 2003 Spyder and want to add a CD changer. I have
seen in other threads that the unit from the dealer is a Blaupunkt
IDC-A09. Is this a standard model or is it modified to work with the
head unit in my Spyder? Do you simply plug the changer into the cable
in the trunk, or does the cable have to be plugged into the head unit
somewhere also?
BTW, what I really want it for is to trick the radio into playing audio
from my iPod. I know I won't be able to control my iPod, but at least
I'll be able to listen to it through the stereo system in the car. I have
tried the FM transmitters to listen to the iPod, but they are a pain when
driving between areas where the open channels are different.
If anyone knows of a way to install the iPod into a Spyder, I'd love to
hear about it. There is a product from Dension, called the IceLink, that
lets you control an iPod from many headunits (skip tracks, etc...) by
simulating a CD changer, but it apparently doesn't work with the
Maserati head unit.
Mike Aymar
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