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Moving the Pedals

Curtis said:
It's ironic you mention that. I was dead set on a manual and almost bought one without driving it. I then took the time to drive another one at a local dealer in SF and found that for me the shifter location and pedal positions were awkward. I just couldn't get used to it. Maybe it was me but it changed my decision immediately.

I am now getting close to purchasing a CC.
This is the same complaint that people have in many Ferrari models. I know for a fact that the pedals in an F355 are much closer than a 550. Therefore, a buddy of mine adjusted his to accomodate more then one style of shoe.

Can't you adjust the Accl and Brake Pedals to be farther apart? I know it is possible in many Ferraris to do this. Why wouldn't it be possible in a Maserati?

I ask because I am interested in the purchase of a 6-Spd only. Call me a purist...
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