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CC Spyder ... Chassis not very rigid?

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I'm currently driving a SL55 and am looking at getting into a Maserati Spyder... I'm focusing on 2004 CC models and have noticed that in '03 the Spyder's received a 20% increase in chassis stiffening so that the body doesn't flex as much.. However, my question is -- How rigid is the '04 Spyder body? Will the chassis flex when going over bumpy roads? Is there a lot of cowl shake? What about comparisons to a 911 (997 model), Mercedes SL, and BMW M3 convertibles? I HATE cowl shake as it makes a car feel cheap... So what are your opinions on those who have driven the spyder and any of its competitors?

Thanks ahead..
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So yes, it has more cowl shake than an M3, 911 (997) drop top, and SL convertible? How much more?
The thing is.. I love convertibles, and I live in LA...Ya gotta have a spyder when it's sunny 300 days a week..

So any comparisons to any other cars?

However, does anyone have comparisons of cowl shake to other vehicles??
Does the whole car rattle or the front windshield shake when going over rougher roads?
Haha.. I've had TWO SL55's.. and I LOVE them, the 520lbs of torque at ~2000RPM is just amazing, and the car's active handling system does pretty well for a 4000+ lb car.. However, I am starting to get a little bored and want something a little lighter and sportier.. My two concerns are quality (will the car be in the shop all the time?). and whether the chassis will shake, rattle, and roll over bumpy roads (makes the car feel cheap as if the chassis wasn't solid).. On the SL because it's a convertible and a hardtop coupe the car is exceptionally solid... However, so are other soft-top convertibles like the 911 and the Boxster.. I'm just wondering if the Maser Spyder will be solid like that..
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