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CC Spyder ... Chassis not very rigid?

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I'm currently driving a SL55 and am looking at getting into a Maserati Spyder... I'm focusing on 2004 CC models and have noticed that in '03 the Spyder's received a 20% increase in chassis stiffening so that the body doesn't flex as much.. However, my question is -- How rigid is the '04 Spyder body? Will the chassis flex when going over bumpy roads? Is there a lot of cowl shake? What about comparisons to a 911 (997 model), Mercedes SL, and BMW M3 convertibles? I HATE cowl shake as it makes a car feel cheap... So what are your opinions on those who have driven the spyder and any of its competitors?

Thanks ahead..
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Well, I'm not an expert on cowl shake, or how rigid a convertible is, or whatever. All I know is that my spyder is a complete blast. I drive fairly aggressively, and have tracked it five times in 2 1/2 years of ownership. I am not even close to the open run group of drivers (I accidently ran with them one day and was humbled beyond belief!!), but I do run in the middle class or run group. For me the car is awesome, and handles better than I can imagine. I certainly don't get it close to where cowl shake, or any other 'limitation' comes into play.
If you don't need the rear seat, why even consider anything but a 2003 or later spyder??
I don't have data, but many previous threads have referenced that there were some rigidity improvements made after the 2002 year. I could be wrong on this.
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