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I have a slightly similar problem with my QP. It steps out to the right at the back for a moment under some high speed circumstances. I only bought the car 8 weeks ago (of which 2 it spent back at dealer) and now they want to charge me to do a wheel alignment DESPITE the fact they swapped the wheels over with another car just prior to purchase. One of the engineers said that there is a yaw sensor in the middle of the car that communicates with the steering angle sensor. He said that there may be a calibration error which is easily corrected with an SD3. However when I spoke to the workshop manager today he said he would have to charge me a FEE just to plug the SD3 in! The car has a 1 year Trident Warranty by the way.

Formula Dynamics, I'd be grateful if you could forward me the specs for the 05 QP. This dealer wants £490 to do the wheel alignment, if push comes to shove I'll go to an independent and get it done there as I only get the run around with this official dealer.

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