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can you really daily drive these when necessary?

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I currently own a 2002 4200 coupe and while I love it, I daily it and it breaks down from time to time. I'd like to get myself a fun and cool backup car and I have always loved the biturbo. I've owned a few e30's in the past and was hoping that one of these would be a similar experience? I may have found myself a garage queen with low mileage. I would basically need something that can do 5000 kms a year without much maintenance. Is this an unrealistic expectation for this car? I have a decent mechanic. my commute is about 15 minutes in very light traffic.
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Had a Biturbo and daily drove it for several years. I parked it when it tossed the timing belt for the third time.
When they are running right, they are a hoot to drive, but you have to differentiate between maintenance and repairs. Maintenance is fairly easy and cheep, repairs are random, and can be expensive.
All in all, I say go for it.
Yes, the Biturbo is an interference design. Heads off, rebuild top end of engine. Not cheap, or fun. Setting tappets using valve stem shims ( tiny cups of various thicknesses) is an art. If you get it wrong. the noise will cause the computer to dump boost, and the car runs like crap.
Edit: very interesting design with 2 intake valves, one small, one large, actuated by a single cam lobe.
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