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In relation to this thread......
see posts #7 & 13 in particular, I would like to let you know I still considered this car until just the other day.

That's when I just "had to know" the truth about this car.
I dug even deeper, and got really dirty. :D
Without going into the exact sources, I found out first hand about this car.

Although I cannot confirm wether or not the frame was actually damaged, I can tell you it was hit on both sides of the car.

I do not know if the current dealer knew about these details first hand, (before I told them myself, which may be why they lowered the price) but the dealer that originally bought it from auction definitely does, and blatantly lied to me about it.

This is why I can not stand most dealers and do not trust them about anything that comes out there mouths!

In the past 6 weeks alone, I have dealt with 4 different dealers, and all of them have either blatantly lied and made up false stories..... or were not completely honest about certain specific questions I had about the cars they were selling.

In the end, if you are still willing or considering to buy this car, pm me and I will share with you my detective work that got to the bottom of this MCV.

Had it not had theses issues, it would be in my garage right now.
I just love the interior!
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