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Being disappointed with the stopping power of the stock breaks, and no longer willing to wait for Brembo to finish their complete upgrade kit, I began researching pad options.

Got my car back last night with EBC Yellow pads on front and rear. My seat of the pants, unofficial test was hitting my offramp at 100MPH and then braking as hard as I could. I don't know the actual distance, but the point the EBC's consistently stop the car is 10-12' behind the stock pads location. I felt the stock pads tended to loose grip at high temp (lots of back road twisties) or from high speed. I don't feel that anymore, these are a huge improvement, and at around $100/pair, a much better alternative than stock. They claim less brake dust and no break in period, I've only got about 600 miles on them so far. I hear a very faint squeeling when inching up in traffic or stopping at traffic lights, but can only hear when the window is down. Rotors are new too, remains to be seen if it goes away as they bed themselves.

It's been posted here before that our cars use the same from caliper as the 350Z sport option, and the rear of a 911. Here's what was written on my boxes for fitment

d639 front
BMW M5 e34
7 series e38
8 series e31
maserati ghibl

d345 f/r
Ferrari 348/255 mondial
porsche 911/944/968

Of course the usual offer stands, if anyone is in the Philly area and wants to feel for themselves, let me know.
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