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Bose NIT Ssd upgrade

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So, now that I've done everything else to this car, I'm not waiting for the NIT to fail. A 14 year old hard drive WILL fall, probably sooner rather than later. Came across a 2010 NIT from a recycler, ordered it today. I'm certainly not going to experiment with my working installed NIT (even though it's in the trunk lol). From other posts, it would appear that it's probably a 40gb pata drive. The ideal replacement will be a 40gb or slightly larger pata industrial ssd with operating temperature spec of -40c to 85c. My guess is Clonezilla or Acronis True Image using sector by sector copy will be the way to go.
I have an extra pigtail to power the NIT so all of this will be done on a bench.
Replacement of a 2009-2010 NIT requires a proxi alignment to let Can network recognize the new NIT. I'm curious to see if this is due to some type of Mac address in the unit itself or if there is something written to the drive. Will be interesting to find out if dropping in a copied imaged hdd from a different NIT will result in the need to do another proxi alignment.
If anyone has played with this specifically on a 2009-2010, and has any info, please share
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I think it may possibly be a share permission issue
It was empty, i gave some others editor before and suspect someone had an operator error, all now on view only
This disc isn't right disc, is doesn't match with others.

Use my link above.
Yes, that's what it seems, I'm going to download tonight
Some time since I did the upgrade but here is the instruction sheet
Update 1 Instructions.pdf

I have done this upgrade and will have another look to confirm the files needed as I had the correct files on gdrive but one got deleted.
Instruction sheet link is for 3x discs from kit #920002291, that I share.

I think your Update 2 sharing is a disc for another update, but I don't know which.
So indeed have downloaded the 3 discs. They are proper and correct, and upon opening the second disc, I looked through and apparently these discs are for both Europe and North America. The data is in each of it's own compressed folders. Thanks so much for sharing!!!
I cant wait for my NIT to get here. Nit arrives Thursday, ide disc duplicator arrives Wednesday (bought a cheap duplicator on ebay, no computer required). I will be playing with this later this week LOL :) :) :)
Disk duplicator ? Doubt it will work but good luck with it
The disc from David has a higher build number. Seems like that may be a later update.
I know, I have adapters. I came across a duplicator cheap on ebay. I figured it would come in handy for this
So, used NIT came today. Jumped right onto this. NIT was started on the bench with a dc power supply. No need to update this one, software version number was 2.01.
Power, ground, ignition to turn on

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Now to pull the drive

So indeed the drive is a 40gb
Toshiba MK4036GAC. I pulled top and side covers off to not accidentally damage anything but once you remove the Display plate, it's just the 2 screws for the drive plate and it's out.
Won't have another drive until at least Saturday so that's about it for now. Once I get another drive, I'll try copying the disc and confirm no problems doing so.
I have also reached out to GHS software to see if there is a file system viewer to allow us to see what's on the drive.
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OMG, it's been that long since I worked with anything IDE. I forgot that there are both 2.5 ide and 3.5 ide. I just ordered two adapters. I did though insert it via usb using an adapter to my Windows 11 box. It indeed shows the drive as uninitialized so thats a plus
Just wondering, I see that discs 1 and 3 fit on cd, disc 2 is too big and will only fit on dvd. What type of discs did you use to burn the images? DVD -R? DVD +R? DVD DL?
BTW, the hdd will definitely not be swappable because as I read the contents of the discs, there are firmware updates to the flash rom of the actual NIT so it's more than just an update to the software on the hard drive.
What this means if you aren't an IT person is this- In order to use a hard drive image that has been updated to version 2.0 or 2.01, the update discs will be required for the purpose of updating the Bose NIT operating system.
Just wondering, I see that discs 1 and 3 fit on cd, disc 2 is too big and will only fit on dvd. What type of discs did you use to burn the images? DVD -R? DVD +R? DVD DL?
I use DVD-R. This is the format generally offering the best compatibility
That's what I assumed so I burned the 3 images using DVD-R. My installed NIT has version 1.10 so I will try the upgrade tomorrow
So I'm updating using the 3 discs posted. DVD -R seems to be working well, the first 2 discs were recognized no problem. This update process is slow, the estimated times in the instructions are on the low side. If you try this be patient :) :) :)
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