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If you drive a Maserati, Ferrari or Lamborghini, you know these are extraordinary machines - powerful, nimble and quick.

But when these cars are sold, they’re typically designed for the luxury motorist in mind. If you prefer true sports car responsiveness when you drive - or if you’re a serious driver who looks forward to track driving days to truly test your cars - then you’ll want to learn more about Formula Dynamics, one of the world’s leading suppliers of performance kits and enhancements for today’s Maserati, Ferrari and Lamborghini models - as well as Larini Systems exhaust products and OEM parts including fitments for the above three models plus Aston Martin, McLaren, Bentley, and Buggatti.

Formula Dynamics offers a variety of kits, specialized equipment and systems, and even chip sets designed to optimize the performance of your car. The company’s acclaimed Drive-By-Wire enhancement modules for most Maserati models and F1 products for all three name plates produce a noticeable increase in vehicle response and performance under various driving conditions.

On-Track Testing Provides the Winning Edge
All of Formula Dynamics’ products are tested under race-like conditions in a controlled environment on the track at Spring Mountain Motorsports near Las Vegas, Nevada. This ensures you’ll get the performance you want from the products you buy.

Borelli Motor Sports: Your Authorized Formula Dynamics Installer
But how do you get them onto your car? Even if you have outstanding mechanical skills, some of these kits and parts are a bit dodgy to install. Borelli Motor Sports has teamed with Formula Dynamics as the only authorized installer in Silicon Valley, and one of only a handful of experienced road-tested installers in Northern California.

“We have installed many of Formula Dynamics “Drive-By-Wire” kits to absolutely rave reviews from our customers,” said Addison Lee, General Manager of Borelli Motor Sports. “These kits definitely provide drivers the performance they demand - they’re fabulous.”

In addition, service is made easier through full-service kits such as the Maserati Gran Turismo (Automatica) service kit, which includes everything needed: oil, filters, coolant, brake and steering fluids, and drive belts - discounted to about half of the MSRP by Performance Dynamics.

“We are not only experts, we make the whole service process much more comfortable and convenient for top executives and serious car owners by offering wireless access in our plush lounge, seven video screens to keep up with the latest world, business or sports news - and even a fitness facility to get your workout in while you wait,” Lee commented. “We also have loaner cars available by reservation. And our comprehensive service-tracking system assures that you’ll have your car when specified.”

“We had a situation in the past where a customer took his Maserati to a dealer to get a specialty kit installed, and because that dealer was unfamiliar with the product, he sent the car owner to us,” recalled Lee. “We took care of it and gained a very satisfied customer.”

For more information about Formula Dynamics’ products, visit their web site. Or you can e-mail Jeff Roelands or call (800) 351-8757.

To learn more about Borelli Motor Sports’ capabilities in providing service and maintenance for your high-performance car (whatever the make), visit their web site, e-mail Addison Lee, or call him at (408) 770-1220.
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