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squid said:
Apparently it's 100+ screws to get the door panel apart! 8 freaking hours he said it took him to take it apart!

That must be why it rattles so much...all those screws holding everything together so tightly...wait
You got to be kiddin...

As far as I tell, it's 4 or 5 screws at the bottom, 1 mount screw behind the tweeter, and then it snaps-out (never tried it, though...) What I've used to cure rattles (not 100%, but now it's almost rattle-free, and not only from the doors...) is to use A/C piping insulation. It moulds perfectly, and squeezes to the point it does not protubrate or become noticeable.

You wont believe that some of the noise comes from loose washers! Not that screws are not fastened tight, but they are 1 or 2 mm longer than what they should be. Solution? rather than go to the shop for a shorter screw, use teflon tape to wrap the washer to the screw (in the process creating a small cushion for beading) and remount. Presto!

Go to the Eurospares website and check on the door diagrams. If you can find 100 screws, I give up. Problem is damaging the leather (as the mount uses pressure clips, so you need to use a tool as a lever) and bet the guy at the bodyshop got scared to death.

Just my 2 cents...
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