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Bluetooth in new GT?

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I have heard that the new GT comes with the next generation of Bluetooth handsfree integration for cell phones that's capable of reading text messages aloud. The system was a collaboration between Microsoft and Fiat, and is called “Blue and Me”. Anyone knows anything about this?
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If you mean the new GranTurismo then no I'm afraid. In spite of being a newly launched model it comes with a GSM phone set up which requires a SIM card :mad: When I heard this I didn't bother to waste money on the phone module option. I've also got a new Fiat 500 coming at the same time as my GT and for an 1/8th of the price this car does have Blue & Me. Why Maserati (who are part of the Fiat empire) did not use this technology is beyond me.
Are you in U.S ? I know cars coming to U.S. have different features.
I'm in the UK but I can't imagine that a low volume manufacturer like Maserati would have 2 different infotainment unit standards for Europe and the US.
I read in one of the auto rags that Bluetooth will come to the GT by mid 2008 production. I guess it is a wait and see event.
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