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A few weeks ago I had the luck to find a 422 in good technical condition and a little bit of work on the outside, but hadn't been driven (didn't turn ?) for 6 or 7 months.
The first problem we (a friend of mine who is a garage owner and myself) were confronted with was a leakage at the fuelpump; we replaced it by a Pierburgh model (Mercedes E).
For approx. 60 km (50 miles) everything went well, but then, at first occassionally but now permanent, the power is gone. The motor turns ok, the turbo pressure needle turns, never reeches the yellow zone, oil pressure stays high.
Does anyone know what might be wrong ?

Something else : on different forums I read different oppinions about which fuel to use (unleaded or with additive); there seems to be no certainty about that.


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