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Best wax/polish system? ANDI just fixed my TUBI !!!!!!!!!!

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Whats is the best? I am currently using Zaino products, does a pretty decent job. This is my car after 5 coats, it now has close to 20 coats. And , thanks for the all the encouragement, just got my tubi fixed, you guys are right, its a blast!


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Awesome, I'm glad you like your Tubi and we helped convince you the Tubi was the right path.

As far as car care products, I'm not a detailer but I've been told claying the car is most important. I have also heard wonderful things about Zaino's as well as Meguiars. At the end of the day I probably couldn't tell a difference of which product was used.
Thanks. Really enjoy the support from the guys here. Its comforting that there are "other" around!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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