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I'm a car detailing nut and am always trying new waxes, tire shines, etc. I wanted to share with all of you that I just purchased a brand new product called Black Magic Spray Wax and this stuff rocks! It's a wax in an aerosol can and it goes on like a breeze. You can wax your entire car effortlessly in 5 minutes. No kidding. You just spray the foam onto your car and spread with a microfiber. No need to wait for it to haze, just spray, wipe once and you are done. It is amazing. Not only is it super fast to use and doesn't require any elbow grease but it leaves no white residue and you don't have to worry if you mistakenly get it on any of your trim. It leaves no white film. And the shine is AWESOME!

I would highly recommend this product to anyone that enjoys the fresh waxed look but doesn't want to take hours doing it. I've seen it at Advance Auto and Wal-Mart but my local AutoZone said they will start carrying it in the next couple of weeks when they reset their stores. I'm going to use this stuff every week from now on.......

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