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I was reading an article about a German tuner that extracted 14 HP out of the Ferrari V8 engine simply by adding a fuel cooling system.

What would the benefits be of fitting such a system combined to the DBW and ECU chip that FD is providing? If it delivered what it promises, combined to FD's engine chip we'd be getting close to 450HP on the 4.2 V8.

Jeff, any thoughts on that? Have you run any tests with a fuel cooling system?
My 1987 528e BMW inline six with 120+? hp has the an
A/C to fuel line cooling system which has fuel lines running through the cowl past vents and blower fan! hope it never leaks. Have not done a comparisons but now looks like a good time. Also no one mentions fuel tank pressurization from the hot return line plus exhaust pipes. cooler should be better
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