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Auto mode?

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Everyone here is talking about of not using the auto mode.
I've never used it myself but here is one question: what is the difference in using the auto mode or manual mode with letting the car to downshift itself when coming to a complete stop?
Isn't this method pretty similar with the auto mode?
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Never and I mean never use the Auto mode. It destroys clutches and turns shifting in to crap. Use the sport mode or power mode non skyhook cars at all time. Stay in the throttle at all times meaning do not lift when shifting and when at a red light put the car in neutral. Happy Motoring.
No neutral required at a light as long as your foot is on the brake.

Avoid getting into that bad habit (neutral at light)... Nothing more annoying and embarrassing than the light runs green and you've forgotten to shift it into gear. Always feel like an a$$ revving your engine to 7K and then having to wait for it to spool down to then put it into drive and take off.

Again, no wear on clutch when in gear at a stop with your foot on the brake
I never said the clutch would wear when at a red light. It will not wear at a red light. My point is the throw out bearing. When at a red light and in gear the throw out is spinning and the clutch is depressed. Causing wear and tear. With the vehicle in neutral the throw about bearing is spinning but the clutch is not depressed. I have asked several techs and they all seem to agree that this will cause additional wear and tear. So from a tech stand point I would say the more wear the better. I like the bigger paychecks.:D I also have to add that I do not practice what I preach. I have never put a car in neutral at a red light. The amount of wear and tear that this will save will be minimal. Every little bit helps though
The question wasn't properly received by all of you.
I'm not asking manual or auto mode if is or isn't to be used, we all have an idea about that issue.
All I want is to know the difference, while in manual mode in Skyhook's case, paddle shifter mode coming to a stop what is the best way to do it let's say for the gear 2 and 1 ? Is there more tear and ware involved if from G2 to G1 is done manually or by itself. Once again: not having selected auto mode at all.
Thank you.
Sorry seems that well all jumped the gun on that one. How would you like to look at the downshift question? Fuel economy/or performance. It all depends at what rpm you would be down shifting at. The lower the rpm the better it is on fuel economy. If you down shift at a higher rpm the engine will decellerate your car. Meaning more wear and tear. So I would say that letting the car downshift itself would cause less wear and tear because it wil go to the lowest rpm as possible without killing the engine.
Well, a service manager at my dealer gave me the exact opposite advice, and I asked him at least twice to verify since it seemed to go opposite what everyone here is saying. He told me whenever you get into stop and go type driving, ALWAYS go right into Auto, and relayed experience of people who burned clutches completely out in one traffic jam staying in manual.
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