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Just acquired a superb Spyder 90th anniversary.

When driving, 2 modes are offered to me:
- F1 manual gear shifting
- some kind of automatic by press the AUTO button

Which is less damaging for the clutch?

I know my wife is more into AUTO, but if this mode is not good for the car, I'd rather know right from the beginning so that she changes her habits :)

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very good taste, my brother =)

always drive in manual mode.
auto is more damaging.

as well, drive in Sport mode whenever possible.

just show her when to upshift. the downshift will be taken care of.
so only a flick of the right paddle. once she gets the hang of it, she can downshift leisurely.


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One more 'rule' with the F1 tranny.
Never, ever, reverse up an incline. The clutch never fully engages, which
is a design 'feature' of all the F1 trannys, and you will definitely burn the
clutch. If necessary to negotiate an incline at slow speed, e.g. to get
into a driveway or parking spot, always go up nose first, so you can
reverse downhill.
Otherwise, enjoy. Shifting is easy, as M! says, and after a while you will
both be shifting at redline rpm, which is where the car is happiest (and
where the clutch wear is lowest!).
As for the phone, I don't think it works in the USA. My car is earlier than
yours with different console electronics I think, so yours may work, but
I doubt it.
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