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The success of the modern Maserati models is due directly to the involvement of Ferrari and the percieved value of a bargain priced, classy, performance, luxury, 4 seater version of Ferrari which is built in Modena Italy.

Maserati is only now starting to truly rebuild it's brand and seperate from Ferrari to regain some of it's previous glory. I hope that good things are soon to come.

Many of us owners in this forum bought these cars because they really are a great bang for the buck in terms of owning an exotic. It just so happens that it's also a great daily driver and a very capable vehicle.

The solid initial depreciation of the GT/GS cars are proof that there is still doubt about the brand despite it's rich heritage and amazing quality.

With new models like the QP and 08 Coupe, I think that soon these vehicles will rebound a bit when Mercedes and BMW drivers realize what an exceptional car Maserati has produced. The everyday spender may decide that it's a real value over a 120K Mercedes and has the ability to let them stand out from the pack.
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