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Dear all from a rainy, wet, dull but warm London town,

Coming off the drive last week into 1st, pulled off and then into 2nd, car takes an age to change and engage although the slector states 2nd. Must be me I think.

Change to 3rd, the car takes about 8 - 10 seconds to change gear and engage although the selector states 3rd. I apply gas, revs just shoot up until it finally engages. Makes me think I am driving my rally car on snow and ice, that's the feeling I got.

Same happens from 3rd to 4th, 4th to 5th and to 6th. So I stop as I do not want to get stuck on the Mway into London with all the crazy bikers and white-Van-men. Apply reverse, OK so far, apply gas to reverse and the car seems like it is stuck in treacle as moving so slowly for the amount of gas applied. Warning beeps come on (like I had when the clutch overheated in traffic about 18 months ago) but the car was cold and the temp was only 7 degrees.

Manage to engage and limp back the 1/2 mile to home with the car doing the same thing.

So call dealer and they immediately come and pick up the car (top service Lancasters!!) who have had the car for about 4 days now, testing it and there is nothing wrong with the car and there have been no faults logged in the system, which I thought would have happened as there were the warning clutch beeps (but no transmission/gearbox light coming up on the console).

They are stumped and are waiting for FM to get back to them to see if they have ever come across this before.

Anyway, had my 12 month service done whilst it has been away and the recorded Clutch wear at 19K miles is.......... 29%!!!!!! I think that's pretty amazing seeing as I enjoy the performance of the car to its full and gives a balanced view on the horror stories of clutches being replaced every 7 - 10K miles.

If anyone has encountered something similar to the above problem, please let me know so I can let Lancasters know where they should be focusing.


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