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dsd said:
I bought the 04 with the spare tire option. For a spare of any sort to fit a new bottom mat is really required.

The factory spare is a deflated tire on a rim with an air compressor.

Maybe check with MVP who was parting a car and see if the spare kit is available.

That is nice, but will the flat tire being replaced fit in the trunk?

I've been hunting for workable "donut" tires for this and other cars, then the question became what I would do with the offending flat tire... leave it by the side of the road or try to fit it in the passenger compartment (assuming one doesn't have a passenger)?

So... on the Maser, my Lambo now and others... I give up. The lug nuts are not standard, and I can't even find friendly jacking points.

Seems like roadside assistance is the best bet. Flat = Flatbed tow to the nearest dealer.

Sucks but I guess is the price we pay to drive these things.

P.s.: looking forward to run-flat technology maturing.
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