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scott said:
While I love my Spyder I am getting my usual bug to buy a new vehicle. Plan was to trade in this fall for the next generation 2006 Spyder but doubt it will be coming out then. So might take a year or two away and see where they go with them. Looking to go with an SUV and have narrowed it down to either a BMW 4.8is or Lexus GX 470. The BMW is sporty but my brother just got the Lexus and boy is that thing loaded with luxury and toys. Figured BMW would be the better place to trade as they just opened a Lambo dealership and have the high end traffic looking Italian. They offered me $62,000 and not sure if that's a decent price but at least by trading in I would save over $3,000 in sales tax. Car is a 2004 GT with only 2,450 miles, has Skyhook, CD changer, Xenon, Upgraded Stereo, NAV, Heated seats, Windstop, Red brake calipers, Alum race pedals and a Tubi installed by dealer. Still have almost 35 months of warranty left. What do you guys think it worth?
I'd say you could try for another couple of thousand. The 04 COUPES are going for about $66-$74 at the dealer (I know because I'm in the process of buying one) and Sypders are not too different in price. Buy the way if you are interested in selling your TUBI exhaust separately I'd be interested as I think you could probably get the same amount without the exhaust at the dealer.
Let me know.
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