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Anyone know of carbon fiber aftermarket products for Masers?

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Does anyone know, or has anyone added any interior or exterior carbon fiber components to the maser? I've searched quite a bit to look for things such as Aero front lips, possible rear diffusers and side skirts.. I would also love to replace the steering wheel for one thicker perhaps made of Carbon Fiber like in the GS or the upcoming Corsa line GT.

Wish Jeff at FD could come up with some exterior and interior kits. Jeff, hope your reading buddy!
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I too wish there were more exterior parts available in c.f. for these cars.
The only exterior part I have seen are these "winglets" that B.F. put on his car.


I have a very good source for parts in CF. Prices are much more reasonable than you'd expect but given an initial tooling charge, you really need to have a minimum of 10 people go in on the initial order.

If someone wants to head up the project, make a list of which parts, and how many people would be interested in each. I'll need a couple of detailed pictures of each part (top, bottom, front, back, etc) to get initial quote. For production, would need a donor piece that will unfortunatley be destroyed while producing the molds. From the time I get the parts until they're delivered back would probably be around 4-6 weeks.

For example, the door sills would probably be around $200 for the pair.
Wow, that would be awesome. How much experience do they have working with c.f., and do you have any links or pictures to any of their work?
I'd be interested in a group thing if we can get enough. Maybe if those that are interested chimed in on this thread, we could then start a new thread if we get >=10 folks. Then we could survey which parts people would be interested in....
Im in for door sills, door trim, and paddles for sure. Im a c.f. freak, so if anyone has any other ideas, I may be game for more as well.
When the same question was asked a while ago, this came up:

Don't know what happened after that.
Interesting. What ever happened with this Maseratiboy??
I guess I started a pretty cool thread :D! Count me in. I'd like front lip spoiler, and side skirts! as well as A CF steering wheel. As a matter of fact would love to get my hands on a GS steering wheel. Any ideas how to do this? The spyder steering wheel is thin and unsporty in my opinion. BTW on the website there is an option to change the website into english. You have to click on the small british flag as it turns everything to english. Its on the right side of the German flag. I would also be interested in spacers! I know jeff said he was working on them, but looks like we can get them from Leonardo according to the dimex-group website. Lets get 10 people and lets get the CF parts orders started! Boy I'm excited.. :D
Well thanks for that ^^... makes things much easier to read! lol
But..... where is the pricing for the items?? :confused:
Sorry man, still don't know what it is. Do you have a picture?
Ask and you shall receive. Did a quick google and found it. Its been discussed and directly linked here on the forum.


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