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Anyone know of carbon fiber aftermarket products for Masers?

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Does anyone know, or has anyone added any interior or exterior carbon fiber components to the maser? I've searched quite a bit to look for things such as Aero front lips, possible rear diffusers and side skirts.. I would also love to replace the steering wheel for one thicker perhaps made of Carbon Fiber like in the GS or the upcoming Corsa line GT.

Wish Jeff at FD could come up with some exterior and interior kits. Jeff, hope your reading buddy!
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Wow, very interested in the one you linked to, but how on earth can o find out how much it is...and order it...without speaking german, really want the inside bits for the dash and a/c vents.
Hmm, I want those "fiorana II" wheels...hmmm, wish I could get some prices...hehe, I'm too lazy to call right now because if I did, I know I would buy. My wallet doesn't need that right now...I have vacation coming up.
And Canard is...?
You know, the small "fins" usually front or rear bumper sides. It's an aerodynamic and I guess you could say styling aid.
1 - 3 of 47 Posts
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