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Anyone know of carbon fiber aftermarket products for Masers?

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Does anyone know, or has anyone added any interior or exterior carbon fiber components to the maser? I've searched quite a bit to look for things such as Aero front lips, possible rear diffusers and side skirts.. I would also love to replace the steering wheel for one thicker perhaps made of Carbon Fiber like in the GS or the upcoming Corsa line GT.

Wish Jeff at FD could come up with some exterior and interior kits. Jeff, hope your reading buddy!
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I've searched high and low and there is NOBODY out there that is putting out CF for our cars with the exception of paddle shifters. Sooooooo, I've done a lot of research and studying on the net to locate an outfit that will do custom (only a few are out there). Alternately, I'm seriously considering doing my own - starting out simple and working my way up to more complex parts as my skill improves.

For example, I was thinking of wrapping all the gray plastic engine shroud parts in CF with four or five layers of heat and fire resistant clear resin to make it pop. I'd also like to do a CF rear lip spoiler and some of the plastic parts in the interior like the horizontal strips on the door panels. Since I have a spyder, I've also thought about covering the rear deck/lid as well and matching the roll bars.
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I'd be interested in a group thing if we can get enough. Maybe if those that are interested chimed in on this thread, we could then start a new thread if we get >=10 folks. Then we could survey which parts people would be interested in....
Im in for door sills, door trim, and paddles for sure. Im a c.f. freak, so if anyone has any other ideas, I may be game for more as well.
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Jeff - this is great. Much better to have a real company behind the product and love the fact that it's Italian. Not sure what a canard is though.... Will they be able to make parts other than those you mentioned (with a minimum commitment from ML members)?
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