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Anyone know of carbon fiber aftermarket products for Masers?

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Does anyone know, or has anyone added any interior or exterior carbon fiber components to the maser? I've searched quite a bit to look for things such as Aero front lips, possible rear diffusers and side skirts.. I would also love to replace the steering wheel for one thicker perhaps made of Carbon Fiber like in the GS or the upcoming Corsa line GT.

Wish Jeff at FD could come up with some exterior and interior kits. Jeff, hope your reading buddy!
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Very happy with my front spoiler. Same company also makes rear carbon fibre spoilers.
How about a CF hood?
That looks horrible IMO
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I am interested in the paddle shifters. Are they they interchangeable between for example a coupe and QP?
Trident Parts, a sponsor of ML, can supply them to you (I think for about $500).
for a steering wheel if possible (i hate our current wheel and have been looking without success for other options)
the trim pieces in the car (a/c, nav screen surround plastic trim), oblong door inserts, etc...
door sills
rear deck lip spoiler
I believe Jeff at Formula Dynamics can sort you out with the rear deck lip spoiler from the guys I've been dealing with in Japan.
I would like the dash (vents) trim in CF. Yep, no time to buy stuff for me either ...
Phil, the company has an Italian name but it's actually Japanese. It's the tuning outfit I've used for my mods, top notch products, great guys :)
1 - 7 of 47 Posts
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