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Welcome to my world,DogDoc! My A/C was the reason for the "E" showing up in place of the outside temp indicator in my "05 coupe. The service manager here in Houston replaced the blower fan and the compressor when I first got the car (with only 1000 miles and 16 months in service). That was done to deal with a noisy compressor (I thought the fan motor was not the problem but they replaced it anyway under warranty) During the entire time after they "fixed" my A/C, it worked very erratically. The dash readouts showed it was cooling and blowing when it wasn't, The 'E' would show up sometimes, not necessarily when the A/C was out of the mood, and sometimes the car would make a beeping noise (the same one it makes when the CC trans is put in reverse) Several trips to the dealer resulted in a different excuse/fix each time. (loose wire one time,faulty outside temp sensor one time, blamed it on the after market stereo installer that THEY recommended one time) The dealer never got it right while I owned it! I got a call from the new owner this past week and he told me before he bought it, the car was at the dealer having 'major A/C work' done!! Anyway, that's my experience with the 'E'.:mad: :confused:
i hope they finally fix it. was that the reason you got rid of it?
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