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Anyone Have This Problem?

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'05 Coupe Cambiocorsa, with 2,000 miles.

Tonight in the village I was coming up to a stop sign, let up on the gas & let the CC downshift itself. As I coasted to a stop at the corner, I realized that the motor had stalled. Had never done that before.:confused:

Gas tank was Full.

Fortunately, I switched off the ignition and then turned the key back on. It fired right up.

Anyone else have this issue?
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this is very common on 05 cars, don't worry just take it to your dealer. they need to do a software upgrade. you can also look for post regarding this issue.

you are not the only one. i actually had one stop on a test drive (the sales guy almost dies)

but if you do a search on the issue you will find more details on what exactly causes it.

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