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Does anyone have any knowledge of this '05 CC coupe for sale on Ebay? Looks like it needs new rear tires, probably the 18,000 mile service, and maybe a new clutch. So figure about $5-6K for all that right?
Yeah, that car is a bit of a stripper. My 05 vintage had a $105k MSRP, so this one must be well under $100k MSRP.

I would budget:
18000 service, $1800
rear tires, $900
clutch $2750


Seems like a good purchase price, but...

Alabama, I would want to look for water damage.... get a full carfax. I'd also get a pre delivery inspection from a Maserati dealer if you can swing it.

Also, the brake rotors look a little grooved. My car has about the same mileage and my rotors look brand new.
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