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I wrote a letter to the CEO of Maserati North America back in 2018 regarding their crappy CPO warranty. I had been denied several repairs that Maserati decided were "wear items" even after the local Maserati dealership went to bat for me and were also denied. Several weeks after sending the letter, I received a call from a "corporate VP" who worked in the CEO's office. We spoke for about 15 minutes with her trying to convince me that the CPO warranty was really valuable. Needless to say, the call didn't end well and a day later, my wife cancelled her order for a new Levante valued at about $115k. About 10 days later, we received a letter from Maserati asking why the order had been cancelled and my written reply to them was simply, "We cancelled the order because Maserati SUCKS. If you have any questions, contact (insert name of the corporate VP). She'll fill you in." We absolutely loved our GT but we we'll never again do business with the company.

William Peffer is now the CEO of Maserati North America.

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