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anyone else had this problem with a QP ?

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Hi all,
i have a 2005 QP with 4k miles ands it's started making a woorying sound when driving off from standstill. If i pull away with anything but the lightest prod of the throttle i get a squealing noise which sounds like either wheelspin (which is def not) or when i 've heard old fan belts on their last legs. The effect also seems to hold the car back a little from delivering an "instant" lurch forward.

The first few times i heard i thought perhaps greasy road or similar but it is now happening at virtually every set of lights unless i'm very very gentle on the throttle. will be booking in to dealer soon but just wondered if any other owners had experienced this fault or have any idea on poss cause

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skcam said:
sounds a bit similar brian, mine squeals only on takeoff if the throttle pressed more than say 30% for appx 3 secs then all fine up thru the gears. have to say the take off is a bit dissapointing so hoping this squeal is holding the car back from full potential. i'm glad to be under warranty.
my 05 QP has a whine that sounds like a high pitch rubbing of the clutch around 1500rpm to 2000rpm on cold starts from standstill on first gear.

sounds like it is slipping and trying to catch itself on first gear.

sometimes it goes away after about 20 minutes of driving.
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