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I installed a larger front anti-roll bar on my Maserati! And oh my God, what an improvement! The body roll is largely reduced, the ride is a little stiffer, the direction too. And the front is more precise. The car oversteer more.

So after lowered the suspension and this anti-roll bar, my car handle more like a sport car than a GT! The ride is perfect!

I have the rear anti-roll bar, but the mechanic need 3-4 hours to remove different parts on the rear of the car. FYI I get these parts from
I asked for some parts of the Trofeo, a Swiss dealer have access to them but I am still waiting for a price-list. BTW the Trofeo use a larger bar on the front and the removed the rear bar! It seems the changed the screw/coilover but not the springs of the suspensions...
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