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Another noise question - transmission or engine

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This board has been great. I have owned the car for only 3 weeks, really like it but there are certainly a lot of quirks and people have been great sharing information.

This has happened twice in the three weeks. I am driving normally in city traffic, come to a stop sign and put in in neutral. Loud whining coming from engine or trans. When I rev the engine the noise stops above 2,000 rpms, comes back below 2,000. I drive it a little longer put it in neutral and noise disappears - normal or serious. Thanks.
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Just out of curiosity, not to hijack this thread but, as you are slowing down to a red light do you let the F1 gear down to 1 or do you go into neutral.
Just wondering if shifting to neutral would help reduce clutch wear.
Hmmm interesting Demoe, you may be absolutely correct. I've actually heard that Sport mode may reduce clutch wear because of the shorter clutch disk engagement. :?: :?:
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