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another Granturismo S review

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I think over the coming weeks, we are going to see a lot of GT S reviews.

A few thoughts/questions, as I have ordered one:
1) Navigation doesn't sound good. Is it?
2) They recommend not getting the Skyhook. I started a thread on this. If the Skyhook gives me the option of soft or stiff, why wouldn't one get it, vs. the fixed stiff suspension?
3) Of the two reviews I've read, they both say how loud the exhaust is when in sport mode - can't wait to actually hear it.
4) They mention a few options and the associated prices. My dealer does not have this info yet. Does anyone?
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im anxiously awaiting my GT S as well, #3 on the list at my dealer.

1. i test drove the GT, im not thrilled with the Nav, not even touch screen, but i did not play with it that much.

2. ill probably go with the skyhook, but i may want to lower the car a bit, so i have to see what the options will be, some may require skyhook, some may not. we have some time, so im hoping to see some options for the GT, before they begin my build. im hoping its similar to other electronically controlled suspensions, and i can lower just by installing a module like ive done on my other cars, vs. swapping springs, shocks etc.

3. if its exactly like the 8c, we are in for a treat! and according to Car mag, it is! not sure if you saw this yet:

4. i assume you played with the GT S configurator, as far as i see, there are only a few minor options, im grabbing them all ; ) my dealer will have the GT S at the showroom this Thursday, CANT WAIT TO SEE IN PERSON! ill report back on any new details, and hopefully some firm pricing.

BTW, Wheres keyless go!?!?!
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