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aluminum pedals

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hey, those anyone know who to get the aluminum pedals for a CC car. i know they come as a option ,but it would be a cool thing to add.

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You can order them from the your local Maserati dealership parts department. They can be installed by dealership. Not sure of the cost, but I know someone that has had this done on a '05 Coupe CC.
...wait!!! don't waste your money at the "stealership"!!!

Check this out first

I ordered a set for my CC and they are absolutely beautiful...

As you can see I also ordered the dead pedal... all for about US$250.00

EDIT: I forgot to say... installation is really easy and you can do it in couple of hours.
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cool... I am getting a set tonight!
MAN!!! Thanks. these look so cool, and totally functional. I'll get them tonight too.

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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