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ALL IN - Radio Replacement - Need help!

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2005 Mas Spyder with Auditorium 200 system (with sub box)

Well I was tired of shitty speakers and an intermittent radio! Instead of trying to keep this thing running I am replacing everything. I haven't totally decided if I am going to just shit-can the Infotainment System, but I am definitely relocating it and replacing with something better as far as sound.

Here is the list of components that are being installed:
Alpine iLX-007 Carplay Head Unit
Rockford Fosgate R600x5 5-Channel Amp
Focal Utopia Be 13WS Sub - Fits in original sub housing
Focal ISS170 Component Front Speakers
Focal Performance PC130 Coaxial Rear Deck Speakers

Here is my issue....
I started with replacing the speakers first as it was just plug and play or as I thought it would be. Since my Mas headunit doesn't put out sound (or I should say when it wants to -- and it hasn't lately). I figured I would just use the original connectors from the speakers and solder to leads from my new speakers. All went well until I started trying to power up the speakers through the amp and new head unit.

From all the threads here, I was able to determine all the lines coming from the ISO connector on the factory headunit in the center console to the original amp in the trunk seemed correct and follows the standard ISO-Spec for speaker outputs -- 8 small gauge wires (4 pairs).

The TROUBLE appears to be the 8 wires (larger gauge - 4 pairs) coming from the original trunk mount amp to the speakers. 5-Channel System with only 4 channels coming from the amp. AND a bunch of wires that don't make sense.

Here is what I found for the output of the Amp (numbers are connector pin numbers as shown on the connector and here in another thread):
10 and 18 - yellow/yellow-blk
11 and 19 white/white-blk
13 and 21 green/green-blk
14 and 22 gray/gray-blk
None of these go straight to Front or Rear speakers with these colors!!

The only thing that Ohms out directly are the green pair and gray pair that actually goes straight to the Subwoofer -- for some reason there is a coaxial type speaker for a Sub.

Here is what worked so far:
Rear Deck Left - 10 and 18 - yellow/yellow-blk
Read Deck Right - 11 and 19 white/white-blk
I used 13 and 21 green/green-blk for the Sub

OK RESET -- Disconnect all speakers and start over -- Here is the deal ------------------
If you have this system with Front Speakers (Component sub and tweeters), Rear Deck Coaxial, and Single Sub, Maserati did some really stupid stuff. The FRONT DOOR and REAR DECK speakers are tied together on left and right front speakers from the Amp, and the SUB has the rear two channels connected to one SUB. What a stupid way to wire a sound system. I have only had the car for a couple years now and only drive it occasionally. The system never sounded that great (when it came on), and I knew I had at least a blown sub.

My solution:
I cut the Sub wires and ran them to the Rear Deck Speaker as these were the Gray pair and Green Pair from the amp and everything I find shows these as the Rear Speaker output. I kept the existing Front Speaker outputs (White pair and Yellow pair) set up for the Front Door speakers as I didn't want to run those wires. Finally I ran a new set of wires to the Sub. Now I have true 5-Channel system.

What a freaking nightmare to figure out what was going on. It wasn't until I disconnected all of the speaker could I truly ohm out the cables and see how everything was connected. You should see how many pieces this car is in!

Now to reassemble and start to finish my new dash.


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Looks fantastic

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My Focal subwoofer seems to hit a little harder than the stock subwoofer, so much so that it will hit the stock sub grill causing an annoying rattle. I figured I should fix the issue. Here is version 2 of my sub grill with 0.625" of clearance added. I may add a wire mesh or something if this doesn't print nicely.

Anyone wants the files - I can share.


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Can you please send me both the Bezel and the Grill files? [email protected]
Finished Product. 3D Printed Sub Grill. I am sure I could have done something a bit cleaner - like source some metal screen material which was a thought as it would hide the layering of the 3D printing...but this is good enough for now.


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Does anyone know if all Blaupunkt stereos plug right into the GS harness? Are there other models\types?
Could someone please send me the Radio Bezel CAD file. I am looking to replace the radio in my 06 couple.
[email protected]
thanks for this info, can anyone help or did you ever succeed with relocating a hazard switch? I'm trying to use the six-pin harness from the factory display or the flasher relay under the steering wheel. Can anyone help with wiring or pinouts?
Bezel Files sent to everyone in my inbox. Sorry for the delay.
Bezel Files sent to everyone in my inbox. Sorry for the delay.

Edwin247 - you, Sir, are a hero. I recently bought a 2004 Coupe and while the exhaust note provides enough entertainment for now, replacing that dreadful audio/phone/NAV system is on the list. Your experience here provides quite the comprehensive guide.

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Yes to both questions...
The Solidworks file is pretty hard to adjust (make changes) as I was learning as I made the file, but I would be happy to share.
To print a bezel and add the brass insets - I would say $100 just to cover material and my time.
please contact me. I would like to buy one. Paul 805 403-1690
Edwin is not on here a whole lot, but he made the files available for use at your own printer.

Hi, I need to install new car play on my maserati coup GT. Please let me know if anyone can help me. I need to buy the bezel. [email protected]

Bezel schematics from Edwin build are on there. I petitioned him for the files after he sold his 4200 - so now they are free :)
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