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Alfa Maserati Product Roadmap elements

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First, thanks to all for a great Maserati forum.


Three slides from today's (February 28, 2006) presentation at Geneva Auto Show by Giuseppe Bonollo, SVP of Fiat.

The third slide is perhaps the most significant as it shows the gradual integration of Maserati and Alfa lines.
The second slide shows a F(ace) L(ift) of the Alfa 159 in 2008 which I assume is a different thing from the Alfa Romeo Future High-end which is under "longitudinal engine/rear drive".

This on the surface could suggest a mid-term High-end Alfa based on a Maserati platform... But that would be contrary to the statement by Kalbfell of a months ago that the new Coupe needs to be more of an Alfa platform because of cost and volume considerations.

So, could this then be a new design (conceptually derived from Maserati, but built with Alfa components) that would equip the "future" Maserati Coupe and the "future" Alfa High-end? And built by the Alfa plants rather than the Ferrari plant?

Happy speculating...:confused:


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but are they taking it too far?

There's no mention of a Maserati Spyder, and the intro of the Alfa Spider today hints at the Maserati V-8 being available as an option.

We could wind up with an entry level Coupe, the QP, and the extreme high end - MC12 and Birdcage. Not really an affordable sports car option among em. Perhaps the high end Alfa is supposed to fill that niche, but it's still not a Maserati.
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