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After much enjoyment, the beast is now for sale...

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If interested, email me at marcmc8867 at yahoo

Make offer.

Many pics at

2002 Maserati Spyder GT (convertible)
20,100 miles
18k service complete
Factory warranty thru June 2006

Originally sold by Wide World of Cars Ferrari/Maserati

6k Svc: Wide World of Cars (NY)
12k Svc: Ferrari/Maserati of Ontario (Canada)
18k Svc: Wide World of Cars (NY)

Grigio Touring (silver)
Nero (black) interior
Nero (black) convertible top
Nero (black) leather roll hoops
Aluminio (silver) painted brake calipers

Updated with 2004 7-spoke Maserati factory upgrade
wheels ($4400+ cost)
OE Michelin Pilot Sport tires, 5k miles

"GT" Manual 6-speed transmission
Skyhook adjustable suspension

Auditorium 200 Premium Sound
CD Changer
Heated power seats
On Board Computer
Maserati Alarm System
Maserati removable roll hoop-mounted "wind-stop"
Power folding, heated side mirrors

Built-in K40 hidden radar

Tubi exhaust system
Maserati of Ontario mid-pipe section

**Also offered with stock exhaust system**

Condition: Excellent, never seen snow, rarely seen
rain. Stored/driven in Florida over winter
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